Parts List


Note that we provide you with several sources to purchase your parts. These are trusted sources that we have used successfully in the past.

  • YOU ONLY NEED TO CHOOSE ONE OF THE LISTED FLIGHT CONTROLLERS. EITHER CHOOSE THE REVOLTOSD OR CHOOSE THE LIGHTNING H7. The flight controller market is always changing. As new microprocessors are developed, the design of the flight controller must adapt. Below are two choices for flight controllers. The RevoltOSD is the old style flight controller that is no longer manufactured. Still a great choice if you can source it from a website that still has inventory.
  • RevoltOSD Flight controller (1) Flightone website link or GetFPV website link or Pyrodrone website link or ReadyMaderc website link or Helination link

  • The second option for a flight controller is this lightning h7. You can choose to order the solderless version which includes JST style plugs for all you accessories. (Video update coming very soon on how to install this flight controller).
  • Lightning H7 Flightcontroller (1) Flightone website link

You can choose from 4 choices of motors:

You can choose from two choices of ESC

You can choose from several types of propellers (several sets recommended): (Choose at least 1 set, recommended at least 5 sets)

You can choose from three types of video transmitting antenna (SMA):

You can choose from three types of video transmitters

Next you need to buy a receiver and antenna. You can do this by buying them individually or as a combo. Here are the link to the individual antenna and receiver

If buying the receiver and antenna as a bundle, purchase one of these:

  1. Contact Don for 3D-printed parts at [email protected] with subject line: TPU mounting parts. The price of the parts is $15 (shipping included) for US Customers and $20 for international customers. This price includes 4 motor spacers and 1 dual antenna mount.
  2. If you have a 3D printer, download the attached STL files and print them yourselves.



Be sure to select the following options:

  • ImmersionRC rapidFIRE w/Analog PLUS Goggle Receiver Module,
  • Lumenier AXII 2 Diversity Antenna Bundle 5.8GHz (RHCP), and
  • no Smart Cable.



You can build your own current limiter by following directions from this link.



Here are the current links to all the software you will need for this course. Since this hobby is always changing please refer to these links to download all the software needed for this FPV drone course

Note: The link above contains an affiliate code. We will earn a commission for each sale, although it has no impact on the purchase price for you.