Where to buy the DJI FPV

The best place to purchase the DJI FPV is on Amazon.


For a complete list of our recommended gear, Check out our Amazon Storefront: Link

Strobe lights: Link

These strobe lights are a necessity for night flights. We've tested the Firehouse lights before and verified they are visible from 3 SM away.

SD Card: Link

An SD card is a must-have for taking pictures. This SD card is capable of recording 4k video and offers ample storage room.

Landing Pad: Link

A Landing pad is a good idea if you are taking off from sand or grass where items could be blown into the motors of your drone or hit the propellers.

LiPo Bag: Link

LiPo bags help to store damaged or defective batteries and mitigate the risk of a fire. In most cases, they will help to protect against fire should your battery experience thermal run-away.

Microfiber Cloth: Link

Microfiber cloth is a great item to have to clean the lens of your drone's camera.

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