Loading and Performance Quiz

Remember that quizzes are a testing tool, not a teaching tool. If you don't do well on the quiz, go back and watch the videos again.

A few tips for the quizzes:

  1. Quizzes look better on larger screens. If you can't see the details in the figure, click on it to open it larger in a new window. Be sure to download the testing supplement from the study materials lecture.
  2. If you have a problem with a particular question, either screenshot or copy-paste the entire question and answers. Don't tell me the question number, they are randomized. Tell me what you answered and why. Help me help you as much as possible.
  3. If you need to access your quiz results, be sure to download them before leaving the page. They won't be available anymore once you leave.

Frequently Asked Questions (based on the comments below):

Read this before leaving a comment.

Q: I just finished the Loading and Performance section. Got 93 on the Quiz. If I want to practice this quiz again will it be the same questions or the quiz generates random questions every time we take it?

A: It will be the same questions but in a different order. If you got 93, you're good to go, move on to the next section. You'll get to practice one more time at the end on a practice exam that has all the questions.