Chapter Overview

Reading Assignment

  • FAA-H-8083-25: Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
    • Chapter 4. Principles of Flight
    • Chapter 10. Weight & Balance
  • Advisory Circular AC 90-23: Aircraft Wake Turbulence
  • FAA-S-ACS-6: Airman Certification Standards Private Airplane:
    • IV. Takeoffs, Landings, and Go-Arounds

Learning Outcomes

#1 Demonstrate a working knowledge of basic aerodynamics, power plants and aircraft systems appropriate to single-engine general aviation aircraft. 

#2 Correctly calculate and analyze density altitude, aircraft performance, and weight and balance. 

In this section, we will be using the following resources. If you haven’t downloaded them yet from the FAA website or bought them from Amazon, here are the links: 

  • FAA-H-8083-1: Weight and Balance Handbook
  • The POH for the Cessna, Cirrus, and Piper that are attached below as a PDF file.